You’re Pregnant!


Just found out you’re pregnant? We send you heartfelt blessings for a safe and healthy pregnancy! As soon as you take a pregnancy test and confirm your results, contact your doctor to feel at ease and help calculate your due date. Then, take a breath, a deep one, to get ready for the greatest change of your life!

Learning you are expecting is big news! Each woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. The planning and 9 months of preparations begin as soon as the realization settles in that you are entering motherhood.
Helpful advice and tips for everything from solutions and old wives’ tales treating nausea to body changes with each trimester will be offered up to you from your circle of family and friends and even sometimes from strangers when they notice your baby bump. Your growing baby will attract the smiles and the stories from other women of all ages. Everyone loves to share their journey to motherhood. Listen to their memories, feedback, and wisdom from their experiences, but remember to listen to your own body! This time is UNIQUE to you and your body.

Allow yourself to make time for peaceful reflection and enjoy every day of your pregnancy. Start a journal. Log your thoughts and feeling, as well as changes to your body as your baby grows. Set aside time not to worry about what may need done before the baby arrives, but time to celebrate your own unique transformation into a mother.

Almost as soon as we find out we are expecting, we start making lists. It feels great to feel organized and on the top of our game. The lists change as we change and grow through each trimester. Lists to eat the right foods daily. Lists to start to prepare for a nursery. Lists to make sure we have everything we need on hand to bring the baby home. In this sometimes very overwhelming period of embracing changes, make time to make sure you are getting plenty of rest. Pregnancy hormones can make you feel tired and more stressed.

BAM is here to help you!!!

We understand that it feels great to scratch things off our lists of to- dos. Let us help you manage the communication to your close circle of family and friends as you reach pregnancy milestones at the time of the baby’s arrival. Let this item be one less thing on your list. No need to worry about multiple people sharing info (or mis-information) about this very intimate milestone.

Expecting parents use our Baby Arrival Monitor app to make it easy to connect with closest family and friends before, during, and after your pregnancy in a private, secure, intimate mobile waiting room.

With Baby Arrival Monitor, simply create your waiting room, add your guests, and deliver messages to everyone in the waiting room at the same time without the chaos of group texting and chats. Our waiting room users and their helpers post messages throughout the pregnancy and delivery day so you can feel connected to and supported by your closest circle of support.

BAM is easy to use, helpful and, also, creates a snapshot of loving communication during this special time as family and friends react to the messages and your updates. Stay connected to everyone you need to keep in the loop so you may focus on the most important thing… welcoming home your new baby! Again, CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy and many blessings for a healthy pregnancy and delivery!


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